Here for those who considering
making the best of land use by billboard.
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Among the advertising media, billboards are the best for close contact with community and from the viewpoint of cost. They are recognized as "highly focused and an effective advertising media." Billboards are to be placed at roadsides, near train stations, certain facilities, and locations where there are lots of traffic for 7 days x 24 hours, which send subliminal messages to the potential customers deeply in their minds. Billboards surely enable customers to visit or to come to the advertisers’ places (companies, shops, and hospitals, etc.)


Why the rental billboards?

1. Since all of our billboards are insured for liabilities, you do not have to worry about them.
2. No need to declare and manage as depreciable assets.
3. All the application procedures will be taken care of by us at our company's cost.
4. Maintenance and management are guaranteed. Removal cost is also free..
5. Construction costs, etc. will be included in our monthly advertisement bill.
6. We will do the negotiation with landlords and pay for the lot rental fee.
7. You can expense it off in full as advertisement fee. 

If you set up a billboard on your own, it will cost you as stated below:
1. In case a billboard accident occurs, you have to bear the liabilities as an owner.
2. You need to declare and manage (for 20 years) as depreciable assets.
3. You need to apply for a Construction Permit based on Outdoor Billboard Law (payment required). Depending on the size of billboard, you may need to apply for a Work Piece Certification (payment required) based on Building Standard Law.
4. You need to pay for maintenance and removal costs. You need to pay for maintenance and removal costs.
5. You need to pay for creation, placement and design of the billboard.
6. You need to negotiate with landlords and pay for the lot rental fee.

Secure and Safe
To avoid the troubles from outdoor billboards, our billboards are insured against the typhoon disaster damage insurance based on structural design calculation. We will take care of ordinance applications and management of billboards on behalf of you (companies, shops, and hospitals, etc.) Since we manage the billboards for you with responsibilities, you do not have to worry about them at all.  

Attention to those who are considering to make the best use of your land by billboards.
* Low risk, * Use of only small space of land, * Constant profits
1. You can repay New Housing Loan by utilizing your land with billboards.
2. It will give profits to those landlords who use their land as parking lot.
3. It will give additional profits to land owners for rent.
4. It will serve to local communities for shop owners, convenience stores and distributors to make the best use of parking lot with its fences.