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Among the advertising media, billboards are the best for close contact with community and from the viewpoint of cost. They are recognized as "highly focused and an effective advertising media." Billboards are to be placed at roadsides, near train stations, certain facilities, and locations where there are lots of traffic for 7 days x 24 hours, which send subliminal messages to the potential customers deeply in their minds. Billboards surely enable customers to visit or to come to the advertisers’ places (companies, shops, and hospitals, etc.) Outdoor billboards do not vanish in the Internet Era. The number of billboards increases in local cities and local governments. Currently we have offices from Sapporo to Fukuoka. We also have experiences to put billboards in Okinawa. Those who are considering to make the best use of their real estate can secure profits with a small risk and the use of land.  
Customer's request varies such as "We would like to improve our company's image", "We would like to appeal our company's products" and so on. In order to meet these requests and to meet your budget, we can plan to set targets, select appropriate media, plan advertising campaigns and various events with appropriate scheduling. We will back you up completely to plan a perfect advertisement scheme in utilizing, arranging and creating advertisements through all kinds of media, and determine the right timing to do the advertisement as well as its campaign by making use of our own know-hows and marketing data accumulated during the past.