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making the best of land use by billboard.
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Conditions Billboard location Effects Clients (actual examples, titles are omitted)
Stores, hospitals behind alleyways. Boulevard, Highways, and Major Streets Guiding people from the heavy traffic main street (Guiding) Toryumon (Sapporo)
Lots of competitors on the same street. Put billboards right before the store (On a line) Preventing customers form going competitors to let them choose the right destination. (Notification) Convenience stores
Branding Rooftop, large billboards It will give a huge impact by viewing the large ad image, and improve branding by giving an effective impression. Lots of small billboards may give a similar impact. Fuyobussan (Tahipo) x 2
Shoes store x4
Using all the above mentioned conditions Shopping Centers (Malls) Notifying to local people Hakkan Aeon Ario Sapporo
Trust and Secure impression Public facilities such as public offices It will give trust and secure impressions because advertisement is made at public offices. It will improve corporate image. Sanyo shoji Kishima Eye clinic
Landmarks Intersections and walls of buildings. It becomes town's landmark. --- The meeting place in front of the billboard --- Indirect advertisement such that "Turn right when you see the billboard". Tohoku shoji (Rejaspo) x 2